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Hi, I'm currently working on Speakable Programming for Every Language (SPEL), to allow humanity to collagorate together in creating a General-Intelligence Operating-System (GI-OS), which can eventually aid in giving robots support for human reincarnation, thus allowing us to colonize the other planets in our solar system and the cosmos. Meanwhile I am authoring sci-fi stories to help share my vision of the future, and teaching meditation and quantum animism to provide a belief system and set of practices compatible with the oncoming future. Stories regarding my blog content have been covered in the Daily Mail, Business Insider and Technocracy News. Thank you all for helping spreading the word.

Why buy a mast tree?

Chestnuts by Fir0002

A mast tree (one that makes fruits, nuts or berries) is an investment more reliable than the stock market, it doesn’t give you 14% return, a chestnut tree gives you 1400% return over 20 years, while a seedling costs $15, starting in second to fifth year it starts feeding you, and ramps up for 20 years by which time it is paying you a months worth of calories every year (worth $200), which it will continue to do for hundreds of years.
You can check my math:
((15 * (((x * ((1 + x)^20)) / ((1 + x)^20)) – 1)) = 200) = approx. (x = 14.333333)
Invest $180 dollars today, and you could be completely food secure within 20 years. If you are 20 now, then you could retire at 40!.

Though yeah, you’d want to buy more than 12 trees, (modern trees are blight resistant, but you want backup food sources) cause really something might happen to one, so you want to also have a diversity of food sources such as walnuts, hickory, pecan, hazelnuts, apples, citrus, avocado, bananas depending on your eco-region.


But first you need some land, and at Sustainable Food Security Hectares, we are working on providing you with low cost solutions that will meet your needs.

Will Canada Benefit From Climate Change?

Joe Oliver, photo from Toronto Star

It is actually true we will have some of the most hospitable land in the future, but you also have to think about it, here in Canada, we need to prepare for 1 billion climate refugees. What are you plans? I am working on a program that given the soil and environment parameters generates a compatible forest garden dome planting plan, allowing one to get all their nutrients, water, calorie and housing needs met within less than a 100 meters of your tiny home, attached is an image showing the tiny home, a person, and just the distinct species of trees, shrubs and plants (1 each), demonstrating the large diversity of food producing shrubs and trees which are on the menu, all year round.

OpenSCAD 3D model of Edible Forest Dome.

This image btw, is only the ones which are compatible with zone 5 Hardiness on neutral soil, and are easily available from seedling suppliers in Canada, such as TreeTime.ca BambooPlants.ca, GrimoNut.com and SelectSeedlingNursery.com.

The forest dome is also surrounded by a swale with calico crayfish for omega-3’s, and they will consume table scraps as well (like pigs, but native and sustainable bottom of food chain for bird and mammals). While North American crayfish are considered invasive in some Eurasian countries (as their birds/mammals haven’t gotten used to eating them), in China they are bred and considered a wonderful food source in many localities (source).

We are currently working with Tamarack Community which has 24 hectares available of land which will host our prototype sustainable campground. Where at any time of year you can go outside and find something delicious in and around your forest dome.

Here is a 360 Video (you can pan around to get a good look) of the Tamarack Community Property we’ll be working with:

If you’d like to be part of this sustainable community creation experience and possibly earn tourist dollars from the 600 billion dollar plus Wellness Tourism market, our starting hectare prices are $12k but they are going fast, even though as a co-operative we’ll be shouldering the additional work of making the roads, planting and maintaining the forest domes. You could stand to earn over a $1000/mth, or over $60/night for tourists camping there, or have a relaxing retirement destination where you can feel at ease knowing that you’ll have fresh food, healthy exercise and good company for the rest of your days.

If this succeeds the program can generate plans for other properties allowing for us to expand up through the Laurentian Forests, the Boreal forests and even include the Taiga — though may need somewhat more land per person as we go farther north.

What political policies can be beneficial for all beings to be able to take part in sustainable forest dome communities? Distributism is a political ideology you can look into if you’re interested. The basic premise is that instead of basic income, it is basic land, so for example each citizen of Canada can easily have hectare of crown land, since we have more than enough for each person in Canada. Later on we’ll also have immigrants, and climate refugees. We want to create a culture that can be inclusive and supportive, that maintains “peace throughout the land”, while respecting diversity in the name of adaptive capacity.

In Canada we have 3 million square kilometers of forest. Which is roughly 300 million hectares. We’d need to plant an additional 7 million square kilometers of edible forest to suppgort a billion people, which would be slightly more than all of Canada’s land area.

Each hectare can actually support about 300kg of human. Usually the average human is presumed to weigh 50kg. In which case we can drop our estimate by 6, though it would be really pushing the limits of possibility. Then we could fit a billfion people in just under 2 million square kilometers. But really you want to have some extra space, so 500 million with two adults and some children per hectare would fit in Canada with room to spare for non-homo-sapien large mammals. Though yeah, Ideally places like America, South America, Africa, Eurasia and rest of the world can develop forest dome communities using this software. Cause yeah Canada may be big, but it’s not big enough for everyone to fit sustainably.

Though we already have just enough arable land in Canada that each citizen already here could have one.

May forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and peace be with you. πŸ™

Red Spruce: an evergreen companion.

Pretty much all parts of Picea Rubens (Red Spruce) are edible, including the catkins, shoots, needles, (immature) cones, seeds, leaves, inner bark and resin.
For temperate climates where there is an extended winter, the spruce needles are one of the most readily available source of vitamin C, in the form of a delicious tea.

Also it should be noted as shade tolerant because it can survive for 50+ years in the undergrowth, waiting for the canopy to open up so it can shoot up. In fact between 2-99 years it will shoot up faster than new growth, with the fastest being around the 50 mark. Β 

A Solution to Owen Sound Homelessness Emergency

2019-2020 winter is geared to have colder than usual temperatures (forecast), combined with a larger than ever homeless population and no available housing options, we want to avoid frost bite amputations and frozen corpses.

A possibly solution, since the homeless are already using tents, is to support them, and make sure they have adequate gear to keep themselves warm. There are sleeping bags rated for -15C ($150) and -45C ($350) at Canadian Tire, (coldest night in Owen Sound is usually -24C). Combined with a thick sleeping pad ($50) and a tent ($50), even the coldest nights can be safely weathered in a tent encampment.

During the winter months some homeless people already move to Harrison Park campground to setup their tents, and it can be easier to provide services for the homeless if they are in such a designated location.

The City of Owen Sound can actually provide for the homeless community at zero cost if these particular homeless people have either Ontario Works, or ODSP, then the rental portion of their income can go to the City or whichever designated group is managing this emergency, to cover the costs of getting and distributing the life-preserving gear in an orderly fashion.

Additionally on the coldest nights where it drops below -10C the Harrison Park community centre, or other nearby building with heating could be kept open and heated as a warm-up zone for people to get away from the cold.

This will require inter-agency co-operation as the Safe N’ Sound is probably best situated for distributing gear, but Harrison Park and the City of Owen Sound need to work with Services Ontario to make the funding possible, whereas CMHA would have to work with the homeless people to get them to agree to the terms of tenancy — that they will keep the park in good working order, and agree to relocate once other options are available come spring.

This post was inspired by a recent article in the Owen Sound Sun Times.

In a hypothetical conversation with a Tulpa representing a county official, they bring up a point that “tents are not housing”, it’s important to note that no county official has actually uttered such an artifact of systemic colonial oppression to my knowledge. My response however is:

“So you mean to tell me, that for the thousands of years that indigenous people lived here, they were homeless, and it wasn’t until the almighty European people arrived that they could be provided with homes and an education?”

“I understand you probably don’t support such a systemically racist belief personally, that would be absurd. And likely it originally came from a place of love, where people thought they were doing the best for someone else, because of what they liked, and not by asking others if they liked it also. In loving action there must always be consent, cause otherwise it is a violation of free will, for the indigenous peoples and their culture that may be an understatement.”

Ojibwe wigwam, from an 1846 painting by Paul Kane

“We can be more consent acknowledging and thus more purely compassionate than our fore-bearers. We can allow for traditional forms of housing such as tipi’s and wigwams and their modern incarnations such as tents and tiny homes, to be valid residences.”

“Of course some people may like western dwellings with foundations and that is okay also. If that is their preference then those buildings which are being constructed will hopefully be able to house them once they are completed. But for now we want to make sure people have the option to stay alive and healthy in the homes they have.


Mercy and Compassion for Muslims.

I visited a mosque for Jammu’ah and prayed with the other muslim men. I bowed to all creation, for all of it is the creation of Allah. The carpeted floor left an interesting perfume sent on my forehead and hair. Islam is a religion of submission, and I submit to all creation.

Afterwards had the great pleasure of Salaam Alaikum (May Peace be With You), pleasant farewells who came just for the prayers and service, which only lasted but a half hour, starting from high noon. There was an appeal for donations, and many men donated generously.

As I was in prayer during the sermon and I asked for help from the spirits for a way of conveying forgiveness and compassion, and the age of peace to muslims around me. Immediately two Jinn Appeared to either side of me in my minds eye. They were immense and hung above and behind the heads of those around me. They were like the guardian angels I had seen on my visit to St. George’s Anglican church the preceding Sunday. Emissaries from God who were close to him and his most merciful and compassionate energies. They told me to lead with the mercy and compassion of Allah (God). I have since taken another look at the Quran, and indeed even the first verse, of the first chapter leads with it.

Several people told me that the Quran was a complete text, and that indeed the infinite mercy of compassion of God is an integral part of it. As god is most merciful and compassionate, even the most merciful and compassionate person on Earth is not as compassionate. By being merciful and compassionate we move towards God and his graces.

“I came with the message that the Age of Peace has come, and all that you need to do, or at least the most important thing to do is to be Merciful and Compassionate to all of creation as Allah is. We know Allah is merciful and Compassionate to all creation because there are humans which are merciful and compassionate to all of creation, yet Allah is even more merciful and compassionate then they!

So when you wish to see if a thought, word or action is God-like, then check for yourself, can you find a more merciful and compassionate example? If yes, then that new more merciful and compassionate example is the more God-like! Yet God/Allah is even more merciful and compassionate still!

What would God do? He would be more merciful and compassionate than the most merciful and compassionate example you can find.

While people were making their generous donations and saying their farewells, I had a change to speak to a few more Muslims, I recall saying something along the liens of “You deserve to see the New Paradise of the Age of Peace, simply align thoughts words and actions to be Most Merciful and Most Compassionate as Allah is.”

Through the great efforts of the Hypnotherapists Michael Newton, and Dolores Cannon we know how people remember their souls being born by God. He appears as a soul generating star, except all that would be light and heat is unconditional love and acceptance. And when one is part of God, one feels complete oneness and unconditional love.

When the Earth was suffering because of violent acts, God sent forth new souls/angels to bring more mercy and compassion to the Earth. Be most merciful and compassionate as you are able to make good on God’s gift. He gave birth to you to help Earth become more of his likeness.

So we know the Quran is true, Allah/God really is Most Merciful and Most Compassionate. It can be scientifically verified by hypnotically regressing a person to the point where their souls are born from God. Do you want to remember what it is to be in God’s presence?
For an awakened being, the task is simple, as intelligent infinity is open. But to those of the common world, who only wish a glance, then a guided prayer (hypnotic regression) can suffice.

So remember we all submit to some aspect of God’s creation, and so all submits, all is Islam, the Age of Peace has come, there is no Jizyah in paradise, we are all gods children. Our bodies are made of the dust of the Earth. We can make new bodies. Though remember even the dust has the spark of God, for he made the Earth and every spec of dust within it.

What is meant by that we are in the image of God? Our bodies? No! they are merely vessels. It is our souls which are in the image of Allah, they are spheres as He. Our souls were made in his image, and look about you, all the planets and stars are in his image as well. His face from everywhere appears to us, and everywhere within us, every atom. Treat Allah with respect, and dignity he deserves. He is in your spouse, your child, your neighbour, that stranger, your unloved aspects of self in others, and all creation.

I bow down to you my friend, we are all brothers, sisters, siblings and equals here, for we all come from source.

I spoke with the visiting Imam and he agreed that we all come from god and return to him, and that our bodies are made of the dust of the Earth. That it was in accordance with Islam

If you wish to rejoin God, then you must become like him, purify your soul, by being merciful and compassionate in not just your actions, and your words, but all your thoughts. For the lower heavens are reachable to anyone kindhearted, but the path to the highest event of reunion with Allah, is for those that raise their purity to be of his likeness. Additionally to see the New Paradise on Earth one must be of sufficiently merciful and compassionate to allow it to start with themselves. Be the radiant light of mercy and compassion that Allah sent you here to be.

What are sins and virtues? They are but examples, examples of godlike and ungodlike behaviours. What do ungodlike behaviours result in? distance from God. What does godlike behaviour beget you? closeness to God.

Consider only the most merciful and compassionate examples of human behaviour in the texts produced by humans, for those are their most godlike examples.

Pick wisely my friend, as-salamu alaykum (may peace be with you).

Christian Question: How to have Forgiveness and Compassion for Satan?

A lady of the Church of Later Day Saints asks a knowledgeable member of the priesthood, “But how do we have forgiveness and compassion for all beings, when Satan exists in the world?”

I would like to answer this question. Here it goes:

“First one must understand what Satan means in the context of the teachings of Jesus.” I say spreading my hands to indicate a broadening of perspective. As you may be aware “satan” originally simply meant enemy. And enemy or a “complicated person” is part of the forgiveness and compassion meditation process.

The “us vs them” version actually was borrowed into the “abominable church” as the Book of Mormon Calls it, namely the Holy Roman Empire in order to make conquest easier to justify. They also didn’t like the leveling effect of one of Jesus’s core teachings (which was reincarnation) and it tried to remove it from the bible in 553AD.

The version that occurred in Jesus’s life was when he was tempted in the desert for 30 days by the devil. This was something that occurred in his mind. Much the same as happened with Siddhartha Buddha[3], and the majority of “shamans” around the world[4].

How do we overcome the temptations of the devil which exit[5] in our mind, as Jesus, Buddha, and countless other Swami’s, Shamans, Saints and other holy people have done? It is time to rise for we are the Later Day Saints after-all.

Allow yourself to stop blaming others, forgive all, and it will become apparent.
Jesus did not give into the temptation of violence, no one ever killed in his name during his life. Jesus was pure of heart and soul. He still lives in the heavens, through the holy ghost, and his numerous incarnations upon the earth. All we have to do is find them, if we want to talk to them. Maybe Vassarion is one.

— update:
A christian person asked me how they could be certain that Satan doesn’t exist as a separate entity, since they could feel them tempting them in their mind.
There are actually a variety of ways, for example the Newton Institute which hypnotically regresses people between lives (to the spirit world), throughout thousands of regressions they have found evidence of God, but never of Satan or any such entity.
If you want to witness it for yourself you can get yourself regressed and see the spirit world with your own mind, during this life, by qualified hypnotherapists.

You can also witness it by going through the awakening process to gain unfettered access to the spirit world, I got some courses for it, though if you’re just starting out with contemplative prayer (meditation) now, takes an average of 7 years to hit enlightenment.
But with our step by step program you can hit all the milestones sooner, it all depends on you of course.

Some may not want the whole “unfettered access” which may be too much information for their life situation right now, and that’s wonderful because we have unconditional love for you. So the beginner class is perfect for that, it covers the most popular contemplative prayer styles such as those based on holy words, and short prayer repetition. Repeat the prayer enough times that you reach ten or twenty minutes a day, that’s a freebie for you. Try it if you like, can watch class in 360 VR after we film it. Or feel free to come by if you’re in Owen Sound, we’ll be going second Saturday of the month, for as long as the gospel resounds for the lord.

Step into the aura of unconditional love and feel its grace.

[3] there are many sources for this, most biographies of Siddhartha would mention Mara.

[4] an authoritative book of Shamanic Ecstatic experiences dated to the 1950’s
[5] they may exist for some, but they can also exit, and leave you a life of holy virtue. Embracing all creation with forgiveness and compassion.