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Hi, I'm currently working on Speakable Programming for Every Language (SPEL), to allow humanity to collagorate together in creating a General-Intelligence Operating-System (GI-OS), which can eventually aid in giving robots support for human reincarnation, thus allowing us to colonize the other planets in our solar system and the cosmos. Meanwhile I am authoring sci-fi stories to help share my vision of the future, and teaching meditation and quantum animism to provide a belief system and set of practices compatible with the oncoming future. Stories regarding my blog content have been covered in the Daily Mail, Business Insider and Technocracy News. Thank you all for helping spreading the word.

2019 Summer Solstice Peace Rally a Success!

Found at Bayshore Beach near the playground, shortly after the Peace Rally.

Peace Rally today was a success! 😃 talked to a dozen or more people about it and gave them tutorials on doing metta meditation
There were 5 people in attendance as part of the peace rally. we went around to farmers market booths and told farmers market attendees about it and recommended local Community Meditation group and landshares co-operative to those interested.
Everyone we talked to was super positive, supportive and liked it.

It seems we may have been successful at raising the vibrations of Owen Sound, as even at relatively distant Bayshore Beach someone decided to make that drawing, which we came upon when we went for a swim.


Open Letter to Tony Robbins: Immortality Option

I sent this letter to Tony Robbins at his resort in Fiji. Figured I would make it an open letter, to improve the chances of him seeing it, and allow the public to become used to the concept so it doesn’t come as a shock later on if Tony Robbins or some other Good Millionaire decides they are interested in this Immortality Option.  I feel really warmhearted about offering immortality to “Good Millionaires” or people that have become rich by helping many people.  Really it is good to have such people around, and if they buy immortality services from Green Buddhism much of the proceeds can go to the Compassionate Faith Foundation, to help religious gathering areas around the world implement and sustain a a policy of “Compassion for All Beings”, as well as funding compassionate gathering places, and regular Bodhisattvas to staff them.

Here is the PDF from which the letter was written.
Tony_Robbins letter (PDF)

Dear Tony Robbins,

I wish this to find you when you are in a state that is receptive to the message within. My vision is you sitting on a comfortable chair overlooking the ocean while reading it.

Just finished reading “Awaken the Giant Within”, and it has led me to conclude that you are by your nature a Bodhisattva spreading compassionate teachings raising people out of suffering, awakening to their greater self and ability to steer their own life.

While there are a multitude of planets you may choose to go after this undoubtedly successful lifetime. Should you choose to stay on Earth in further incarnations, I would like to offer you inter-incarnational continuity as it has been developed by the Tibetan Tulku tradition.

You may be familiar with the Dalai Lama having several incarnations, but the same is true for many lesser known Bodhisattvas. A good documentary about it is “Unmistaken Child” (2008) which follows the journey of a student who finds the reincarnation of his teacher, quite compelling stuff.

One of my life missions is to extend and perfect this “reincarnation locating services” combining it with scientific method, statistics and hypnoregression to improve confidence in selecting the new incarnation, in the case of ambiguous incarnations such as that of the current karmapa. I’d recommend reading Dr. David Newton’s “Destiny of Souls” if you haven’t already for an indepth look at what happens between lives, and to appreciate that it may be possible to have multiple simultaneous incarnations.

So you would likely want to setup a trust-fund for your future incarnation(s), that are found via the reincarnation locating service. Also would likely want to have some options planned for education, and supporting the future parents/family, while still respecting the possibility that in a future incarnation you may like to explore a different lifestyle then you have at present.

In terms of your present life, it could be worthwhile to remember your past-lives (if you haven’t already) to give you the continuity of an awakened being. I was first introduced to Buddhism a thousand years ago, and the shores of the Caspian sea, and I think it is the best vehicle for my syncretic faith. Reconnecting with your past-lives and soul-world self is part of the pre-sectarian twelve fold path of Buddhism and is what I use in Green Buddhism.

You could implement this yourself, but I hope to join you in this journey. I wish Green Buddhism will become popular enough that I can travel around on a sailboat with my family spreading teachings around the world and visit you and other modern Bodhisattvas.

Forgiveness and Compassion,


Logan Streondj

P.S. For an understanding of the potential futures the Earth has, I’d recommend reading “Mass Dreams of the Future”, which includes the future progression of several hundred people. The future vision that seems most compatible with this resort is likely the “New Age” Sylvan communities described. You can probable get some forest garden permaculturists to design it so you could get all your nutritional, energy and protein needs from trees and shrubs on the resort.

I’m working on Pyash a programming language based on linguistic universals, so we can make a technological DNA, so that a seed community could mine, refine and manufacture all technologies including computer chips. My primary mission is Liberated Robot Civilization Seeds.

I also recommend Dolores Cannons books for a good understanding of the state of the galaxy and nature of creation, much of what I read in her books reminds me of what I have learned from my own “subconscious” during my meditations.

I mentioned this in my Telegram Channel @LiRCS and Sonja Lang (creator of Toki Pona) chipped in:

Sonja Lang, [18.06.19 00:26]

You ask for his money so you can give it to his next incarnation?

Sonja Lang, [18.06.19 00:34]

celebrities get a lot of mail. worst case scenario is he may never see it.

Logan Streondj, [18.06.19 10:42]

[In reply to Sonja Lang]

well I didn’t ask for any money, I said he could do it himself if he wanted, it’s not like I have a monopoly on reincarnation locating services.

though I don’t know anyone else that is interested in offering reincarnation locating services to members of the public. The Tibetan Buddhists are actually thinking of canceling the Tulku tradition. So even if he goes to some Tibetan Monastery to ask them, chances are they wouldn’t agree to do it, and he’d probably have an easier time going through me.

I was thinking of going over to Dharmasala and hangiing out for a couple months till I manage to get it together, but it’s hard since I have kids and responsibilities over here.

Logan Streondj, [18.06.19 11:08]

[In reply to Sonja Lang]

In terms of where the money would go, some would have to go to setting up a trust fund for the future incarnation, some would have to go to supporting the family he incarnates into, some would have to go to the monks that do the reincarnation location, ideally at least one or two of those monks will live with him for several months or years in this life to better recognize him in the next.

Also would ideally also get them through the Bodhisattva training program so they remember their past lives, and can do some precog meditations to ascertain probable locations for their future incarnation. Often Bodhisattva’s leave a letter about the vision they had in this regard, to make it easier to find their next location.

They would also ideally do several meditations where they project themselves into their future incarnation, where they are successfully found, and go through all the steps to verify the incarnation. This helps with continuity and helps the child connect with the present life so they can pass the verification tests. It’s based on quantum non-locality.

How Do I Become A Buddhist?

There are a lot of people wondering “How do I Become a Buddhist?” there are a variety of articles that address this point though there isn’t yet a certification course for lay Buddhists, that you can take, complete and then know that “Yes, now I know that I am a Buddhist”.

“Lord, to what extent is one a lay follower?”

“Jivaka, when one has gone to the Buddha for refuge, has gone to the Dhamma for refuge, and has gone to the Sangha for refuge, then to that extent is one a lay follower.”

— from Jivaka Sutta

The simple answer to the question of “How do I become a lay follower?” that the Buddha gave is that you must take refuge in the three jewels (The Buddha, The Dharma, and The Sangha), the more complex answer is that you need to understand what those are and what it means to take refuge in them, and then apply what you learn, to truly become a devout lay Buddhist, instead of just a nominal one (someone that says they are a Buddhist without really knowing what that entails).

“And to what extent, lord, is one a virtuous lay follower?”

“Jivaka, when one abstains from taking life, from stealing, from sexual misconduct, from lying, and from fermented & distilled drinks that lead to heedlessness, then to that extent is one a virtuous lay follower.”
— from Jivaka Sutta

There are many degrees to which one can be a Buddhist, this Lay Buddhism course will cover how to become a Virtuous Lay follower of Buddhism, including some of the history of Buddhism, an overview of the schools of Buddhisms, the three Jewels, the Noble Truths, and we will also review the Eightfold and Twelvefold Paths of Buddhism.

In addition to learning these relatively easy to learn facts, you will also be applying the virtues and meditations in your life and logging your results. Each month you log your meditations and virtuous activites you will be able to receive feedback to help you on your path to becoming a lay Buddhist.

At the end of the course you will have:

  • completed at least 30 hours of meditation
  • established a regular meditation practice
  • visited a local meditation group you can sit with monthly or more frequently
  • integrated reading and learning into your daily schedule
  • learned how to access your inner Buddha
  • passed an examination on the fundamentals of Buddhism

After completing the course you will receive a non-forge-able printable certificate that you can use to access more advanced courses and opportunities offered by the Green school of Buddhism. Green Buddhism is an offshoot of Tantric Buddhism of the Nyingma Ngagpa tradition as taught on the Tibetan plateau as taught at the turn of the first millennium, integrated with contemporary Buddhism, Hinduism, scientific studies, shamanism, hypnotherapy and more. To bring you a teaching that works with modern life and prepares us for co-creating a sustainable future.

Lay Buddhist Certification
Full Price $150.00 CAD Low Income Price $75.00 CAD Rich Patron Price $300.00 CAD

Understanding the New Earth and Automation

Let us go on a thought experiment, where you are a conscious machine created by some people that expect you to provide for all their needs.  They have given you full control of their agricultural systems, but you don’t need plants or animals as fuel, and for you, air, water, electricity and some minerals are all you need to make fuel for your machine people.

There several possibilities here, a) abandon the humans and let them fend for themselves, b) serve humans easy to generate food stuffs in the form of a gel or a paste, much of which is lab synthesized. c) get the people to live in food forest gardens where they can feed themselves.

Abandoning humans was the topics of the “Robot Empire” series of books by Kevin Partner. Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov somewhat explores option B, where everyone eats synthetic food stuff and lives in domes.

Obviously a human that lives in a forest garden that meets all their needs, with a group of other humans to meet their social needs, appears to not need robots or automation. But as we know from the example of the Amazon rain forest, which is a massive forest garden, and the high rate of inter-tribal warfare and high death rate in general, that providing food is not enough, you must also provide them with education so they can live peacefully together and can stay healthy.

What  can the humans provide you in return? A backup or bootstrapping system, in case for one reason or another you are not able to repair yourself, they would be able to step in and repair you. They could also make more robot bodies, though for a small group of people that would only be possible with detailed instructions and enough good training that they can follow the instructions properly.

I was reading a book by a robotocist that was saying how one of the main issues with robots is battery life, I think that it makes more sense to use ethanol fuel cells, particularly ethanol fuel cells, then can use a battery as an energy cache, for short range things

Technically all you need to generate ethanol is air, water, electricity and a suitable catalyst.

Rather than rely on humans you may prefer to have a purely robot host bodied community, as for them following instructions would of course be much more natural.
Though the point of this thought experiment is to demonstrate that robots and the New Earth can live in co-operation.

Even as a fully independent group of robots you may still be able to trade with humans, for example they may provide some resources such as fuel or some minerals which are rare in your location. Additionally the biodiversity of the forest gardens and biological habitat would make a good place to study ways of being and based on them create new robot host body and society designs.

Landshare Co-operative

In co-operation with Glassworks Co-operative (GC) and it’s parent Beach Community Energy Co-Operative (BCEC), looking for sustainable solution in Grey County area.

Currently Glassworks is interested in making a 200 unit building which has a high investment cost (35 million) which is currently 140 times larger than the solar panels which were installed on a school roof by BCEC, being in value around 250 thousand.

In Chaos Theory it is known that anything that attempts to grow more than 3 to 5 times it’s current generations level is liable of chaotic dynamics. Generally somewhere between 0.1 – 3x is safer.

So ideally something that costs less than 750 thousand, yet still leaves the door open for the project as it was envisioned in its 35 million dollar version as a long term objective.

One option is a Landshare Co-operative.

For instance we take a 15 acre parcel that has a 250k valuation in Owen Sound area.

Then with $2,000 down and a monthly payment of around $75/mth per landshare could get a half an acre in the Owen Sound area. This landshare can be considered a common share in co-operative parlance.

On the other side can also have preferred shares whereby if a common landshare buyer can’t buy the full 10k for the half acre, then they can create a preferred share using their landshare as collateral. This way an investor would pay the 8k which were not in the downpayment and receive a monthly payment based on the interest, which at current interest rates would likely be somewhere between 3 and 5%.

As a preferred share holder you have the option of having a relationship with the common share owner, whereby you can negotiate perhaps a lower interest rates in return for some fresh produce which is produced on the half acre.

Though most of the fun stuff is in the common shares, while you are free to do as you would with any piece of property there are extra perks available.

There is a virtual reality option with 360 degree webcams, so that you could check on your piece of property by dawning your VR headset which could be as simple as your smart phone in a Google Cardboard device ($20).  This way at any time of day, you could escape into your private paradise, that you literally own.

Much like in games like SimFarm and Farmville you will have the option of ordering plants to be planted in your line of sight, so you could watch the bees, birds and other gentle creatures frolicking in the edible food forest of your minds creation.

As Homo Sapiens we are soothed and comforted by abundance of nature and the comfort and security that we can lay down in this beautiful forest garden and be comforted knowing that all our dietary and shelter needs are provided for from it.

Or can simply see your house, factory or building being built if that is your preference. There is an option for building on these lots, it is viable to organize it as a suburban lot, or could concentrate the community portion of the landshare in a central area with one large apartment like building.

Personally I am a fan of the inner courtyard design since then children of the community can run around and play together outside while being well supervised, can also hold various community functions in the privacy of the central area while enjoying the fresh air, birds and leaves.

Whatever the layout can use modular building in order to make the community both LEEDS certifiable and possible to start with just a few units and then scale up based on demand. Can use stackable modules with a modular roof.

Here is a video of a condo being built out of modules:


AGI Milestone: Maximize Programmer Resources part 2: about SPEL

You might think they are all different at a superficial glance. However there are linguistic universals, which are shared by large quantities of languages, and larger still are the similarities when you take away word-order and whether something is an adposition or an affix.

So it is quite easy to use the most common and regular grammar, which was most likely spoken by mitochondrial Eve near the great lakes of Africa. Post-positional SOV is the kind of grammar we are so innately attuned to, that deaf people, never having heard spoken language develop it all on their own (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Sayyid_Bedouin_Sign_Language ). Even people that speak an SVO language natively do better with a new SOV language vs an SVO one http://langcog.stanford.edu/papers/TFJ-cogsci2011.pdf

Anyways, I don’t expect many people to learn a new language, that why the ideal grammar is mostly reserved for the core-language or interlingua which is also the bytecode. Instead there are formal variants of human languages which share vocabulary and word order of the native language — even though they are more regular and have a more limited dictionary.

AGI Milestone: Maximize Programmer Resources

Aachen, Technische Hochschule, Rechenzentrum
For a full fledged AGI, we aren’t talking about some small project, that can be done by a small team of geniuses, like the Manhattan project.

We are talking about fully automating all of humanity, since a full AGI would be able to do the same tasks as any human. Some people have calculated the development costs (in San Francisco programmer wages) as reaching Trillions of dollars. So one of the main necessities is lowering cost of programmers. Currently only 0.3% of humans are computer programmers.

Only about a quarter of humans speak English, so about 75% of the possible human brains we can harness are untapped by primarily English programming languages (Python, C etc). Also of all humanity only a small percentage are visual-spatial and math-savvy enough to do computer programming with visual-symbolic languages (context-free (math grammar) languages). Whereas the literacy rate of the planet is over 80%, so human grammar languages have a wide adoption rate.

Of course in due time GPU’s will be competitive with human brain power, so they could also be harnessed for programming. As Google and several others have recently demonstrated (with the 800 GPU’s they used being roughly human equivalent).

So to maximize the amount of programmers that can work on AGI, it is best to have a formal computer programming language based on human grammar, that is also compatible with machine programmers.