You have till Dec 15 to tell Canada that lowering national cyber security is a BAD IDEA


Canada wants to lower encryption standards, put in backdoors, force
keeping of arbitrary user data, so it would be easier for foreign
governments and exploiters to take advantage of Canadians, steal their
personal information, emails which may include financial records, and
other private and personal information enough to steal identities.

We have until December 15 to tell them that this is a BAD IDEA!
(link to Canada's Online Consultation at the bottom)


They think it is a matter of National Security that they be given easy
access to the above information, but they forget that it is a National
Cyber Security risk, for that information to be easily available.

My suggestion was that Canada needs a Cyber Security task force, with
high end GPU or ASIC hardware for password cracking, this will give
them all the access they need to whatever they want. Human minds
aren't very good at remembering passwords, so they might just forget
when interrogated.

On the other hand 80+% of people have weak passwords,, so should be
easy to crack.

Also there should be a "building code" for cyber security, minimum
standards before any sensitive user data is allowed to be kept.

Because there are over 70 thousand hacked servers available cheap
online, some of them government and otherwise

Basic Subscriber Info ( name, address, telephone number and email
address) can be enough to get into many accounts, and with a few other
pieces (which may be stored alongside) would be sufficient to steal an

For example once a criminal has that basic information,
It only takes 6 seconds for a criminal to get accurate credit card
information and security code of a target:

Encryption is essential for securing everyday interactions on the
internet. For instance Hillary Clinton didn't encrypt her email
exchanges, and largely because of it lost the election and almost went
to prison.

Internet exploiters are getting increasingly more sophisticated and
even took down the East Coast recently, So having
good Cyber Security is essential, weakening it to make it easier to
spy on people is a VERY BAD IDEA.

Canada's Online Consultation:

I'm also planning on scheduling a meeting with my MP about this, I
recommend you at least write to them.
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