Libre.FM Liberty Music #freedom #internetRadio

Hi Music lovers,

Recently I discovered it has all liberty music.

Ever since grade 4 music class, when I was told that I couldn’t write
the notes for “dashing through the snow” because it was copyright
infringement, I’ve felt uneasy and somewhat guilty hearing proprietary
music. If I listen to proprietary music there is a danger that I will
remember it and replay it in my mind, or hum it out loud, which is
copyright infringement.

For a time I turned to music piracy, downloading music illegally,
I tried to pay some of the artists I liked by donating to them,
unfortunately they were locked in with their publishers,
and so told me I’d have to buy an album, or a DRM track.
I couldn’t use their albums or DRM tracks,
also I wanted to give freely,
not in exchange for garbage,
to appease some supposed selfish desire for ownership.

So after a long and apprehensive relationship with music.
I’m happy to learn there is liberty music, not just a few
creative-commons ones, but an entire Internet radio station,
music which it’s okay to remember, hum and enjoy,
it is also available for free download and remix.

Also these wonderful Liberty Music Artists accept donations!
That means it is now possible to give freely,
satisfying the urge to be charitable,
supporting something genuinely good.

I hope you also can join in the fun and liberty,
of listening to the sounds of freedom,



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