Whirlpool Meditation Idea

Was meditating today, and some ideas dawned on me regarding meditation tracks.

One was a former idea, that has to do with making the track like a dream, where a short song, is followed by a double-length version of it, and then a triple length version of it, and so on, so with every pass it gets longer, but still of the same content, much like how we have dreams at night.

Another idea I had, was to make a song in the shape of a spiral. Like spiraling in towards some central note or chord.  When flattened a spiral is really a wave, so this particular wave would lower in amplitude over time, though this would be represented as having less frequency variation.

for-example if our song spanned three octaves,  then would cross from the top of the octave to the bottom in 8 steps, using a septimal major third which is 11 semitones,  then can cross the other way using a major third (10 semitones),  then cross again with a neutral third(9 semitones),  and so on, until we finish in undecimal diesis, which can fold back on itself until there is only 1 note.

The reason this is somewhat precious is that at the same time can have beat frequencies which entrain the brainwaves.  At first they may be high of the mark, then low of the mark, then end with the goal brainwave.   This kind of reminds me of casting a net, if we catch people at their current brainwave frequency, perhaps they are more likely to join us for the ride into the destination frequency.

Also it might be an interesting effect to have the brainwaves shifting in such a way.

Can have the opposite effect for the outro.




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