#CanadaPost needs more #Automation with #AutomatedPostalCenters, not lock outs!

Canada Post is reportedly threatening to lock-out workers, because unions don’t want to accept pensions cuts and mandatory unpaid overtime.

It seems Canada Post is locked into 20th century thinking, perhaps because the 2008 crash didn’t affect them much. Most 21st century companies have come to realize that the solution when bigger margins are desired, is increasing automation, thus allowing to run with fewer workers, or expand with the same number of workers.

At the risk of sounding juvenile “demanding more from human workers, is SO last century”.

While fully automated mail delivery may still be a decade away — as it first requires self-driving cars to be commercially available.  However the majority of workers at post-offices and postal-outlets can be automated with technology that’s over 15 years old, Automated-Postal-Centers (APC), which have been in operation in America by USPS since 1998: http://www.ehow.com/how_4962322_usps-automated-postal-center-apc.html

Like ABM’s, an APC allows 24hrs of service to paying customers.  The main way in which the post-office makes money, is by accepting packages for shipping, and APC’s make that much more convenient, thus can raise profits. I’ve heard countless stories of people who have trouble getting to a post office during it’s working hours, or don’t like certain postal workers, and thus avoid visiting during their working time,  APC’s can solve those problems.

Of course APC’s also work “mandatory unpaid overtime”, and don’t need a pension. Other than the fixed cost of buying one, there is only the maintenance fee, which is much less than paying a human.

So open your eyes to the 21st century Canada Post,  get Automating!

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