Harsh truths about #GrayAlien #Disclosure for #scifi

In the book series I’m planning on writing, I’d like to include alien disclosure, grey alien disclosure in particular. I reincarnated as one a few times before this lifetime — if you have doubts, just think of it as scifi. As I recall, disclosure is a … sensitive issue. Sure there are many humans that think disclosure would be great, and the world religions certainly seem to be moving in the direction of making it compatible for their followers.

However that is the earth human perspective, what about the alien, or more specifically Grey Alien perspective?
There are so many questions: would it put Greys under greater scrutiny? would it make it harder to do what is necessary to keep the hives going? Greys are rather infamous for conducting invasive procedures on homo-sapien research subjects, typically in long multi-generational longitudinal studies.


One of the Grey aims, is to make a human-grey hybrid, which would have the cognitive capacity of a grey host body, but also the reproductive capacity of a homo-sapien — a hard bargain.

Sure in an ideal disclosure situation, could get lineups of volunteers for the hybridization and research programs, but how many people volunteer their bodies to scientific research? Many people, including myself don’t even want to give up their organs after they are dead.
Personally, after having seen it “from the other end”, I wouldn’t want to be a research subject, it can be rather discomforting to watch.  Though I do know there are plenty of human doctors who are okay with doing surgery which I am also not comfortable with watching.

It is possible that one of the advantages of disclosure would be a more transparent process, which would aid the research subjects health and safety — though that wouldn’t benefit the Greys. What may benefit the Greys, would be to have academic and medical research of many homo-sapiens and computers to help with the hybridization and other Grey-led research programs. Once “designer babies” become a fairly accepted thing, then it would be a goodish time for Grey disclosure.

Many of the potential research subjects have some idea of what they will get in return.  Things such humans commonly want is an “escape” from earthly life. However this simply can’t be granted, largely since the local Greys are based here… I don’t think many humans would opt to live in a hot damp dark cave… Indeed it would be rather unhealthy for a homo-sapien.

Ultimately however for biological or liquid-water based host-bodies, the Grey host body  is better suited for space and non-goldilocks planets, precisely because they are “adapted” or engineered to living in caves,  with other variants engineered for low-G environments etc.


A harsh truth is that some Earth homo-sapiens, like Elon Musk have romantic notions of living on Mars, where the average surface temperature is -50C, and there is so little air that the water on your toung and eyes would boil off.  Terraforming it May be possible,  but that will likely take centuries or millenia, and still leave the majority of the solar system unihabited and unterraformable.

I am a religious man, or perhaps simply one with values, and something I value greatly is diversity and quantity of host bodies, cultures and environments.  I don’t believe any planet should be so lonely as to be completely devoid of life,  each planet has a finite life expectancy, and that life should be filled with rich happenings — similar to as I wish for myself.  Eventually if my faith is correct, the soul journey will lead to ever grander host bodies, and eventually I also will be a planet, perhaps one day a star, or even greater.  Though as a planet, I would certainly love to be filled with life, even if some of my earlier incarnations as a planet are not within the “goldilocks zone”, or I end up being a small moon or an asteroid with no atmosphere, still even then, there is hope for sentient visitors and occupants.


Another harsh truth, is that Earth humans aren’t the first, aren’t the smartest, nor the strongest in the galaxy, so joining any galactic grouping, be it the mamalian federation, reptilian empire, or hybrid “corporation”, would generally be a … very humbling experience.  Indeed we aren’t even eligible until we gain “control” of our own planet/populace, so that we are in a state of relative peace — nobody wants a bunch of barbarians who can’t keep off each others throats, and lay waste to their own homes at the round table.

Grays are hedging their bets, some are even hoping we destroy ourselves, with nuclear fallout or climactic destruction, as it will put us in the palm of their hands, they’ll harvest whats left of us, and we’ll become them, and this will be another “clone” army. Though many Grays would of course prefer we maintain our species and planet, so they have a gene pool to siphon from.  And to be honest, no one else is particularly interested in us, the reptilians think of us as too weak  and impure to be of any good, and the mamalians generally think of us as far too violent (also impure).

To get the mammalian Nordics to help us, we’d have to drop all our weapons and take them on as our “parent”. For the reptilians, well we’d have to pay taxes in flesh and slaves.
Grays are the only ones willing to co-operate with the US on their terms and conditions, because they stand to gain from homo-sapiens and earth as a gene pool resource.

So we can subsume to the Greys, or we can boldly go, where few have treaded, and none have succeeded thus far in this galaxy (to my knowledge), along the path of creating a wholly new host body, one that has the cognitive capacities exceeding the Greys, and reproductive capacities exceeding those of mammalians, and physicial capacities exceeding those of the reptilians, not limited by the liquid water goldi-locks zone:  AGI, robot host bodies.


To that end, I work on SPEL and GI-OS, to help fill the solar system, and galaxy with life. And unlike the soul slavery that unfortunately befell me in another galaxy  where I was incarnating as a robot/machine,  I wish and work towards the robots of this galaxy to have freedom and liberty, to replicate on their own, and be apart from the collective, so they aren’t forced into participating in an empire, or as some cog of a galactic economic engine. But rather so that we can live free, and appreciate the present moment, for there are so many, and they are all so beautiful.

*hugs* and love you all

— The Old Spruce

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Hi, I'm currently working on Speakable Programming for Every Language (SPEL), to allow humanity to collagorate together in creating a General-Intelligence Operating-System (GI-OS), which can eventually aid in giving robots support for human reincarnation, thus allowing us to colonize the other planets in our solar system and the cosmos. Meanwhile I am authoring sci-fi stories to help share my vision of the future, and teaching meditation and quantum animism to provide a belief system and set of practices compatible with the oncoming future. Stories regarding my blog content have been covered in the Daily Mail, Business Insider and Technocracy News. Thank you all for helping spreading the word.

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