Superhero Crime Prevention Meditation


Superheros depicted in comics and other media, are typicially vigilantes and often face an escalation of violence, as criminals seek revenge,  there are better alternatives to being a crime-fighting superhero, you can be a crime-preventing one.

There are many studies, which show that even generic meditation lowers crime rates [1][2], it was first noticed by practitioners of Transcendental Meditation pioneered by Maharishi, so it is often called “Maharishi Effect”.  However Transcendental meditation, is a simple mantra repeating meditation, so it is possible that a more directed meditation will be more effective.

I have been doing crime-prevention meditation for years, it helps with calming my fears, being more compassionate to others, as well as may be helping to maintain a safer community.

While I can’t attribute it to just myself, since I left Toronto last year, crime rates have gone up significantly, and in my old neighbourhood Don Mills, there was recently a shooting.  Before I had moved to Don Mills there was a stabbing in a school, but while I lived there for 7 years and it was all safe and gentle for the most part.  So here is the crime-prevention meditation that I like to do:

I begin with reaching inner stillness, which can be done with any generic meditation, such as concentrating on a mantra or the breath.  A mantra I sometimes start crime-prevention meditation is “safe and gentle”.

Reaching out with the senses.

Then like a superhero I reach out into the world, first with my senses, and then with my mind, doing tonglen. First I reach out with the senses; for example, as I sat meditating on a bench in Don Mills, surrounded by apartment complexes, sometimes I would hear someone speaking angrily,  yelling. I would then reach out with my mind, and draw that excited energy, transform it into soothing energy, and send it back, until all was quiet as far as I could hear.

Soothing the energies.

The next stage of reaching out with mind is more in common with the form I do here in Owen Sound, since it is already quiet in my neighbourhood. Throughout the day, I may notice a disturbance to my energies, such as anger, fear or bitterness, which I can’t pin down to something from my experience. So I may go out  and sit on my front porch rail for meditation.  After reaching point of stillness in my mind, I find the disturbed energies, and remote view their origins, it is usually a person, who is lost in emotion. I watch them, I draw their energies, transform them into remedy, and send them back to them, as I do so, I see them soothed, lulled. And then I may leave them with some wonder at the beauty of present moment experience.

Reassuring the mind.

More recently, when doing meditation more specifically for crime-prevention, I remote view those who may be at a critical decision point, about wheather they will engage in crime. They may be worried about funds, they may have time pressure, they may be fearful or vengeful. I whisper into their mind “it will be okay”, “you are safe in the now”,  “tend and befriend”, compassion dissolving their fears into a pool of calm flowing energies.

Passing on the street.

There is another form I do when walking, jogging, or biking along the street. As humans we are sometimes fearful of intimidating looking people,  the truth is, the fear is often shared, they fear, and so become intimidating as a form of protection — I’ve done it myself. Much like seeing a snake or a wolf, realizing the fear is mutual gives the room to feel compassionate. Being fearful of them only leads them to feeling isolated, and thus radicalised.

I reach out to them with my mind at first, and feel their energies, I may feel their disbalances, and so I sooth them. Depending on how quickly we are passing, there may not be much time, but every little bit counts.  Once the quantum-bound connection is established it can be maintained.

If I feel their energies are safe enough, I look them in the eyes, smile, wave, say hello, and “how you doin?”. Engaging them into the community, helping them feel safe, and be safe with others.


Mental and meditative influences are subtle, and are most effective over a period of time. It also takes much practice to be effective at meditation in general, and more so for specialized forms.

If you are in law enforcement or security, then it would be wise to have this as a supplementary tool in your repertoire.  Keep in mind that determined aggressors wont be halted by subtle mental influences, you will still need all your other tools also. However while things are stil safe, it is fine to be compassionate.

I hope you may be able to apply this meditation and become a crime-preventing superhero yourself.

May compassion be with you.

[1]Maharishi effect studies

[2]A pop-news article about Maharishi effect

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