for SPEL, word lists, dictionary, in 24 languages added.


I added grammar list, root list, propose lists, dictionaries for 24 languages to SPEL today. [1]

Since I already had harvested the translations for the languages, and narrowed them down by weaning out the ambigious words, in earlier weeks it was fairly quick to make the translations available for the core word lists.

The grammar list has a list of words which are used in the syntax of the language. [2]

The root list has a list of all the words in root form which can be used for word and compound word, composition.

The propose list has various words which were too vague to include in the core list, with suggestions or proposals of which core words to use instead.

The dictionary has entries of core words, followed by words which didn’t make the cut, but it does give an idea of what generally the concept that the word says is about.  Of course can also can view an ordinary dictionary such as wiktionary for what the meaning is.

The vocabulary is currently fairly stable, with only a few minor tweaks to the grammar remaining. Though most of the root vocabular should stay as is.

Next steps, I was thinking about flash cards, but it may be a bit early to get big on learning it in depth.  Once the virtual machine is ready, and can start programming in it, then I think will be able to with finality indicate a 1.0 release, as there may be some vocabulary words that simply aren’t aware of which will be necessary in making the virtual machine.

Once the virtual machine is ready, will hopefully be webcl compatible, and so be able to work on mass translation and other such parallel goodies.

[1] all lists generated today

[2] grammar overview:


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