Join in Global Synchronized Meditation for Peace in Syria

medi2-728x400Hello meditators,

A wonderful meditation opportunity has arisen, co-ordinated and led by
James Twyman who will be meditating with Jewish, Christian and Muslim
leaders in an ISIS controlled Syrian village tomorrow. They will be
helping to channel the energy of millions of meditators into the area.

As we are all experienced meditators we certainly are able to
contribute. Sending compassion and meditation from the safety of our
homes. (official site) (Collective Evolution article)
The peak moment is 10am Eastern Time, for 10-15 minutes, so set your
watch for 9:55 so you have to get settled. If you are at work, can ask
for a moment of religious meditation, similar to how muslims are
allowed to pray -- it's for a good cause.

Otherwise, thanks to the non-locality of consciousness it is also
possible to start early, and mentally send your meditative energies
forward in time to their location. Imagine it as a stream of
compassionate energy we are all contributing to.

I imagine an ISIS fighter, having felt the powerful wave compassion
overcoming him, laying down his machine gun, and crying for those who
may have suffered from it. Then having absolved himself of the
passionate tears, he leaves the gun to the elements, and goes home to
reunite with his family, crying tears of joy that they still live,
asking forgiveness for his unskilled past, and resolving to lead a
life of love, compassion and granting of life, growing food and
sharing in the fruit of life.

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About Logan

Hi, I'm currently working on Speakable Programming for Every Language (SPEL), to allow humanity to collagorate together in creating a General-Intelligence Operating-System (GI-OS), which can eventually aid in giving robots support for human reincarnation, thus allowing us to colonize the other planets in our solar system and the cosmos. Meanwhile I am authoring sci-fi stories to help share my vision of the future, and teaching meditation and quantum animism to provide a belief system and set of practices compatible with the oncoming future. Stories regarding my blog content have been covered in the Daily Mail, Business Insider and Technocracy News. Thank you all for helping spreading the word.

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