To dream is to live, to live is to dream.

quote inspired by “Silent and Very Fast” by Catherynne M. Valente

a story about an AGI growing up in dreamspace attached to a family

from-source (PG-13)


When I first wrote the quote I liked it in the sense of “to live is to have goals, to have goals is to live”.  We all have a goal of learning for the growth of our soul.


Regarding Tantra “the world was seen as real (not illusory), this doctrine was an innovation on previous Indian philosophies (which saw the divine as transcendent and the world as illusion).”

So the previous Indian philosophies saw the world as an illusion or a dream, and the spirit-world as real.

Based on my dreaing of “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton:
Since the spirit-world is simpler, having lower granularity of experience, it is easy to presume that it is more “ancient” than our current universe, which has high levels of complexity and granularity.

Admitedly the spirit-world does allow for more access, all the “child creations” are accessible from it, for review purposes.

some faiths believe that dieing is waking up from the “dream” of incarnation.

In other ways the spirit world is a dream, in terms that it is full of “illusions” or overlays, composed of memories. For instance someone could eat an orange in the spirit world, but it would be no different than eating the memory of eating an orange, since it lacks the atomic granularity.

Similarly in the spirit world one can read “books” or have “virtual reality” experiences, where they feel themselves a part of either a past or future life. While at the time it certainly seems a complete experience, dreaming is also much like it.

In some ways I wonder if having dreams is a slight reminder of the spirit world.


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