Poem: How Can Rules Be Learned, Implemented and Used?

Rules, policies,

everywhere a statement,

everywhere a sentence.

How we agree on rules:
parliamentary procedure —
a vocal editing of text.

How we learn rules:
we read or hear their statement,
or we infer the local custom,
by observing the examples.
How do we implement rules:
with love for safety and co-operation,
we enact them in ourselves,
for those that don’t self-discipline
with policy enforcement officers,

a reminder of the fear of disorder.

How are rules used:
For safety, for co-operation.

For communication.

Text, text, text,
it’s what we revolve around,
not here, not there,
but everywhere,

we find it.

Underpinning our society,
The fastest way to learn,
implement and use:


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