Meditation: cultivating the essence of Creation.

At Heron Croft Sangha the topic of quantum consciousness came up,
so I related my personal views of Quantum Animism.

Animism is the pre-religion common to tribal societies which states that all thoughts, things, animals, people are animate, or have a spirit.

The science of the quantum world shows us that consciousness operates even at the quantum layer, so Quantum Animism states that everything from the largest to the smallest is conscious,  thus everything in creation is layered thought form.

The rock which feels so solid in your hand, is such because it is aware, always busy telling us what it is, what it is made of, it’s texture, it’s colours.

By meditating we are gardening the fields of the mind, cultivating the essence of Creation.

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About Logan

Hi, I'm currently working on Speakable Programming for Every Language (SPEL), to allow humanity to collagorate together in creating a General-Intelligence Operating-System (GI-OS), which can eventually aid in giving robots support for human reincarnation, thus allowing us to colonize the other planets in our solar system and the cosmos. Meanwhile I am authoring sci-fi stories to help share my vision of the future, and teaching meditation and quantum animism to provide a belief system and set of practices compatible with the oncoming future. Stories regarding my blog content have been covered in the Daily Mail, Business Insider and Technocracy News. Thank you all for helping spreading the word.

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