Scenic Skies Meditation

Did an hour and a half meditation today, starting at 05:30 and ending at 07:00.

Began with sweeping meditation on back deck, with clearing of the space.
Then I did some sitting meditation facing the backyard,
there are many trees, which is comforting.

However there was a very bright high temperature light shining in my eyes,
which made it much less comfortable. I got up and did some standing meditation, so a tree trunk would be in the way of the light.
however my whole backyard was lit by it.

I did some walking meditation to the end of my yard, to identify it’s source.
At first I had thought, perhaps it was a neighbour with a flood light, whom I may be able to convince to install motion sensor lights. However as I approached the limits of my yard, it became evident that it was the street lights of 4th avenue, which were casting high temperature light onto my 3rd avenue yard.

As I meditated walking away from it, I could see the bright light reflecting in the vinyl siding of my home, brighter than any star, brighter than the full moon.
Returning to my deck, and facing away from the light in sitting meditation I noticed that the whole back of my house was illuminated by the 4th avenue street lights, even though several large trees stood in the way.

As I sat in meditation I had the urge to stretch back into a bridge, which I did. Then I lay down and looked up at the sky meditating on my back.

Visions came to me of the Scenic Skies petition and by-law, promoting a beautiful night sky in Owen Sound, increasing tourism and improving the health of Sounders by reducing light pollution.

I remembered of the LED manufacturer which produced all Canadian LED’s. Perhaps they could be convinced to relocate to Owen Sound, improving our industrial employment.

I imagined a simple aluminium hood, which could be affixed to existing street lights, to at once make them more efficient reflecting more of their light at the ground, while at the same time making them more dark-skies or scenic-skies friendly. Such scenic-skies manufacturing can likely be done in Owen Sound, with minimal outlay for equipment, financed in part by demand generated by the Scenic-Skies bill.

Only at dawn did the light of the sky overpower the light of the street lamp,
and even then the lamp continued to glare.

I ended my meditation by chanting a C# toned Om.

The Scenic City, deserves Scenic Skies,
we can help make it happen.

Share this post, talk to your neighbours,
contact the city, we can have Scenic Skies in Owen Sound!

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About Logan

Hi, I'm currently working on Speakable Programming for Every Language (SPEL), to allow humanity to collagorate together in creating a General-Intelligence Operating-System (GI-OS), which can eventually aid in giving robots support for human reincarnation, thus allowing us to colonize the other planets in our solar system and the cosmos. Meanwhile I am authoring sci-fi stories to help share my vision of the future, and teaching meditation and quantum animism to provide a belief system and set of practices compatible with the oncoming future. Stories regarding my blog content have been covered in the Daily Mail, Business Insider and Technocracy News. Thank you all for helping spreading the word.

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