Freedom to Sense, See, Photograph.

Have you ever seen something with your eyes, and then been refused the ability to take a photograph or video of it?

What if you were a robot, does that mean you wouldn’t be able to see it in the first place? Or that you would be attacked by the security guards, and have your memory forcibly wiped? So you wouldn’t be allowed in any airports, that’s for sure.

I can’t see how anyone could see this as justice. I hope that policies will be added to give the freedom to sense, see and photograph anything and anyone that is out in public.

Recently the European Union has been debating about “Freedom of Panorama”, without which due to copyright laws it would be illegal to take pictures of certain publically viewable buildings.

Anyways, what restrictions a polity places on it’s people is of course up to them.  Though the implications are that places which aim to support sighted robots, and those that can hear music playing on the radio or in a store,  would have to make Freedom to Sense laws to make it legal for them (future us) to do so.


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