Vote Green Party, Grey-Bruce Owen Sound 2018

Do you like clean air and water?  Do you like trees, bees, and food? Would you like a Basic Income so you can relax and enjoy nature?

Well the Green Party is the only one with  a mandate to protect and support those things.  So even though they may not win,  show that you stand with Standing Rock, and support those trying to prevent Kinder Morgan from poisoning our waters by voting for the Green Party.

Provincial election time is upon us again, voting will be on June 7th.  Today, I called up Don Marshall the 2018 Grey-Bruce-Owen Sound Green Party representative as he was on his way to sign up.  He dropped off some signs, and I may have the opportunity to help with updating their website and social media.


Water your transplanted plants daily till they become established.

Update on planting situation, I was thinking that maybe the potted plants I have might need more water than the bare-root trees I got from grimonut nursery a while back.  Also the year I got those initial ones was quite wet, so I guess I didn’t have to water so much.  Anyways when I was adding the mycorhizal mushrooms, which is done by soaking the root bulb in the mycorhizal water, and then watering them with it. I noticed that some of the other potted plants that had been in good conditions, were showing signs of water depletion.  I promptly watered them.

I later looked it up and found this guide for successfully transplanting garden plants, which includes a very large amount of watering. I remember when I was doing some of my first transplants, it was my grandma that was leading us, and she actually followed the same regime, as they describe, with all the many waterings. I remember we had to dump whole 20lt buckets of water for each tree.  So it seems the right way to do it.  Today I had some more plants to add mycorhizae to,  so I followed that method, of getting out the plant, putting it into the mycorhizal water to soak, filling the hole with water, then putting the plants in and surrounding them with mud and mycorhizal water.

Mycorhizal Fungi for Bamboo and Korean Pine Nut

I recently got some Bamboo, an Basket Willow and some other potted plants from Bamboo Plants Canada.  Additionally last year I received some Korean Pine Nuts in pots, from Grimo Nut Nursery.

Unfortunately the Korean Pine failed to thrive. While in the instructions for the Korean Pine it said to take some soil from established pines and add it to the Korean Pines to get their mycorhizal mushrooms, I’m not aware of any pines around here with them, and don’t really feel comfortable digging around on public property to check if the pines have mycorhizal fungi. Not even sure how I would check.
The other plants I got from Bamboo Plants seem to be doing okay, however the bamboo was somewhat yellow, and it’s status seems to be degrading.  The basket willow arrived in good condition, but it was rather small and seems my 18 month old decided  to tear off most of the leaves.

While I had used mycorrhizal fungi from Bustan before, however checking their list of members, it turned out that the mycorhizal fungi from Gardener’s Pantry
had greater variety.  And while the one from Bustan seems to be mostly geared for hydroponics, the gardener’s pantry one specifically mentions pine. It contains  Glomus, Gigaspora, Paraglomus, Rhizopogon, Pisolithus, Laccaria, and Suillus;

I did some research and found the Bamboo can be colonized by endo-mycorhizae such as  Glomus, Gigaspora, and Paraglomus. Wheras the Rhizopogon (edible), Laccaria (edible), Pisolithus and Suillus (Boletes), and  is good for forming relationship with pine. Willows are one of those few plants that can form relationship with either ecto or endo mycorhizae, but it seems willows are mostly ecto-mycorhizal.

I found a list of various plants based on if they form endo or ecto mycorrhizal relationships.

In any case I ended up following the instructions, 1 teaspoon for 2 gallons of water. I dipped the potted plants in, fully saturating their roots. then planted them back, and watered them. I’ll try to get some pictures so can do before and after photos. hoping will see a difference within a few weeks.

Define Evil: a label that curses self and other.

Someone asked me to define evil. Personally I try to avoid things like good/bad/evil in an absolute sense. I think they are only acceptable in a relative/subjective sense.

Someone thinks they are superior to other, and so they classify other as inferior,
inferiority may have many labels, one of which is evil.

Generally the word “evil” implies that the accuser/judger feels they are morally and-or ethically superior to the accused.
morals and ethics being a set of rules that someone decided were optimal for social functions.

Ultimately this form of accusing causes seperation, and labeling or describing other in a negative way is a curse. Both to the accuser, and the accused, as the accused being made of pure energy fills the mold the accuser has given, and then the accuser must live with the accused, thus forming the “karmic balancing”, cursing the accuser.
The more effective course of action in my view, is to become one with other (the accused) and the suffering that forces them into cruelty, and help them heal their pain with compassion.

AGI Milestone: Maximize Programmer Resources part 2: about SPEL

You might think they are all different at a superficial glance. However there are linguistic universals, which are shared by large quantities of languages, and larger still are the similarities when you take away word-order and whether something is an adposition or an affix.

So it is quite easy to use the most common and regular grammar, which was most likely spoken by mitochondrial Eve near the great lakes of Africa. Post-positional SOV is the kind of grammar we are so innately attuned to, that deaf people, never having heard spoken language develop it all on their own ( ). Even people that speak an SVO language natively do better with a new SOV language vs an SVO one

Anyways, I don’t expect many people to learn a new language, that why the ideal grammar is mostly reserved for the core-language or interlingua which is also the bytecode. Instead there are formal variants of human languages which share vocabulary and word order of the native language — even though they are more regular and have a more limited dictionary.

AGI Milestone: Maximize Programmer Resources

Aachen, Technische Hochschule, Rechenzentrum
For a full fledged AGI, we aren’t talking about some small project, that can be done by a small team of geniuses, like the Manhattan project.

We are talking about fully automating all of humanity, since a full AGI would be able to do the same tasks as any human. Some people have calculated the development costs (in San Francisco programmer wages) as reaching Trillions of dollars. So one of the main necessities is lowering cost of programmers. Currently only 0.3% of humans are computer programmers.

Only about a quarter of humans speak English, so about 75% of the possible human brains we can harness are untapped by primarily English programming languages (Python, C etc). Also of all humanity only a small percentage are visual-spatial and math-savvy enough to do computer programming with visual-symbolic languages (context-free (math grammar) languages). Whereas the literacy rate of the planet is over 80%, so human grammar languages have a wide adoption rate.

Of course in due time GPU’s will be competitive with human brain power, so they could also be harnessed for programming. As Google and several others have recently demonstrated (with the 800 GPU’s they used being roughly human equivalent).

So to maximize the amount of programmers that can work on AGI, it is best to have a formal computer programming language based on human grammar, that is also compatible with machine programmers.

I’m dreaming of a Cold Christmas.

Christmas, doesn’t feel the way it used to. Four hundred years ago, it was cold on Christmas. I’d snuggle up with my family under our blankets, and we’d hovel near a small fire, as we hardly had enough money to keep it going. Yes, it was cold, and wet in Britain, but we had each other. Some hot beverages, and our sooty selves.

Now with forced air heating, meh,
it’s just so hot, like all year long!

In Toronto, tenant rooms are legally required to be at least 21C throughout the year.

I don’t know what’s happened to humanity, but I guess people like being comfortable. It should always be the temperature it was 130 thousand years ago in the great rift valley of Africa, right?

Sorry, just feel kinda spoiled with warmth.
I’ll have to go do more swimming in a frozen lake,
or rolling around in snow, to help myself feel better.